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Here in Andal Solar, we treat our customers as partners since we share the same goal of helping the nation prosper through our solar energy revolution. This company is built more on passion than profit and our customers are our partners in helping our country achieve its fullest potential.

Because of this, we are offering our customers a very special service package that will surely make them feel that they are indeed our partners. Our service package includes:


  • Designing and Installation of the solar panels and the whole solar energy system. This includes mounting of the solar panels and microinverters on the roof, installation of all the necessary wiring up to the main distribution panel.

  • Setting up of the EMA (Energy Monitoring and Analysis) System and EMA app on the customer’s mobile phones. Orientation about the EMA and all system parameters shown on it, this includes how to measure system performance using the app and in determining problems in the system and what actions to take if the customer will troubleshoot and repair by themselves after the service warranty.

  • Service warranty of 2 years. This includes continuous system performance monitoring through the EMA, semi-annual system check-up and maintenance, and troubleshooting and repair in case of problems reported by the customer.

  • Preparing all necessary documents and processing for the net metering application.

  • Conducting a seminar on the installed solar energy system for the customer to know everything about their system. This includes the turnover of all system plans/drawings for their reference.

  • Equipment warranty of 10 years for the solar panels, 10 years for the microinverters and 2 years for other system components (wires, conduits, dc, and ac switches, etc.).

  • Teaching the customer how to operate, maintain, troubleshoot and repair the system.

  • Monthly and annual system performance report email during the duration of the service warranty.

  • Free 1 dozen Ferrero bouquet as a sign of our deepest thanks and gratitude.

  • Earn 3% commission through referral of other customers.



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