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Technical Excellence


Our commitment to technical excellence is rooted in the idea that every Filipino deserves only the best. With lots of solar companies offering sub-par systems and services, we believe that a solar energy revolution will only be successful through the use of high-quality solar panels and solar energy systems.


Solar PV simulation tools compute the energy production of solar energy systems considering many factors (depending on the complexity of the tool) like the solar energy resources on-site, roof tilt and orientation, type of solar panels and solar inverters used, the string configuration, and many more. Although the energy production of solar energy systems can be calculated using rough calculations involving only limited variables, we at Andal Solar believe that our customers deserve only the most accurate computations to be presented to them.

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Two of the most popular solar PV simulation software used​ internationally are PVSyst and PVSol. These software consider all factors that affect the energy output of solar/PV systems and only the top solar companies in the Philippines use such software. But in Andal Solar, we take it one step further.

As great and accurate the energy yield values that you may get from these, the most important things that we need to know in making the decision of having a solar energy system is how much will we save, and how long until we get back our initial investment or in short, the financial analysis of our investment.

There are available software out there that are specifically for doing financial analysis of solar/PV systems like SAM(System Advisor Model). The problem is, their energy yield calculations are not as accurate.

So, what did we do?

We developed our own solar PV simulation tool, which we call the PVComp. This simulation tool does almost the exact same calculations done by PVSyst and SAM, along with additional features. We were able to make this by studying how each software does their respective calculations and applying the same calculations on an Excel Workbook.

Here is a sample output that can be generated on PVComp:

PVComp Output pge 1
PVComp output page 2

The PVComp encompasses 19 spreadsheets that span a total of 70,761 rows of computations to deliver the most accurate energy yield and financial analysis results to our customers in line with our commitment to technical excellence and providing only the best quality of service to our customers.


NEC2017 cover
AS/NZS 5033:2014 cover

Another aspect where we showcase our commitment to technical excellence is in compliance with international standards in the design and installation of solar energy PV systems. The two standards that we comply with are the National Electrical Code (US Standard) and the AS/NZS 5033 (Australia and New Zealand).

Compliance with international standards not only assures the customer of having the most efficient solar energy system but also the safest. Note that solar energy systems produce high voltages and currents right on your very roof. This means that improperly designed and installed systems pose serious electric and fire hazards.


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