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How Can You Save From Your Electric Bills Using a Solar Energy System?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

The ever-increasing price of basic commodities in our country has forced many of us to take significant measures to save up in any way that we can. However, what many of us still do not know the option of having a solar panel installation to drastically save from your monthly electric bills and protect yourself from further increases in the price of electricity.

Solar energy systems convert the readily-available energy from the sun into electricity that can be used by your household. Since the amount of sunlight that is reaching your home at any given point in time varies, it will then need to work in tandem with the electricity grid to meet 100% of your electricity demand.

Since our old electric meters are not designed to handle two electricity sources (electric grid and solar), it will need to be replaced with what is called a bi-directional or net meter. You can click on this link to learn more about Meralco’s Net Metering program. Explained simply, a net meter allows you to sell the excess electricity from your solar PV system back to Meralco. Meralco will then consider the total amount of sold electricity as credit, which will be deducted from your monthly electric bill.

Basically, this is how you will be able to save from your monthly electric bills using a solar energy system and a net meter: