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Solar FAQ Series 2 - How to Operate a Solar PV System?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Another distinct advantage of solar PV systems is how simple is it to operate and. However, take note that this only applies to on-grid systems and not off-grid systems. If you don't know yet the difference between the two, you can read our previous blog post.

On-grid systems work very simply. They are connected in parallel to Meralco or your utility grid. When it is producing energy, your house consumes that energy. This is where savings come from, instead of buying energy from Meralco, you get energy from your solar PV system instead.

When you need more energy or your solar PV system is not producing enough energy to meet your total energy demand, you get that deficit from Meralco. This is done automatically by your house's electrical system and would not require you to operate any switches.

When your solar PV system is producing more than your house's consumption, it exports the excess energy back to Meralco and you are credited for a price per kilowatt-hour that is the same as your generation charge. Again, this is done automatically.

Also, solar PV systems do not require to be turned on or off, during mornings, nights, brownouts, etc. In the morning, it turns itself on once the solar panels are already producing energy. Similarly, at night, it shuts down automatically.

All of this basically means that your solar PV system can operate on its own without requiring effort from the owner!


Engr. Jet Andal has 6 years of experience in the design and installation of residential, commercial and utility-scale solar PV systems. Together, and with the use of solar energy, let us help make the world a better place. You can click here to read all of our other blogs. For aspiring solar PV engineers, you can also check out his Solar PV Engineering Ebook on Amazon on this link.


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